Pioneering a Better Future

STHC’s mission is to develop and deliver advanced, competitive research based technologies. We are committed to supporting the sustainability efforts of Sinopec’s oil and gas resources, including the implementation of a green, low-carbon strategy and our adaptation to the global dynamic energy environment.

Sinopec is a proud, contributing member of the global technological community, shaping future technologies in the petroleum industry. Over the next few years, Sinopec and other leading Oil & Gas industry experts will partner together to innovate, and improve upon the various technological disciplines across the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Our strategies include: 

To be a world citizen in the global technology community, proactively participating in various technology focused conferences, forums and other platforms for exchanges.
To attract and retain talented scientists, engineers, geophysicists, and other key professionals.
To provide advanced and specialized technical support to our operations in the Americas.
To cultivate an R&D center offering leading research based technologies for Sinopec.
To support universities and other R&D institutions, and serve as the technology liaison with international service providers.
To learn and explore better management systems for technology based R&D, as well as integrate Sinopec’s global culture with the American corporate culture.
To discover new technology based solutions focused on the future of Energy.